Complete Hypnosis & Mind Coaching Session

My sessions are “deep dives” that involve analysis, mindset and life coaching with a  hypnosis session.

Typically this is about 3 hours of talking and analysis, which means the session is about 5-6 hours, but could last longer for more complex situations. I strive for substantial, permanent benefit each session. Usually I succeed, however I don’t guarantee results as everyone is different. My goal is to replace as many bad internal programs with good ones as possible, and then teach self talk and mindset skills to support the changes. Sessions also include 3 self-hypnosis audios and training with my “Dive to the Five” process to help you replace additional bad programs on your own after our session.

I am often booked out for some time, but expedited sessions are available. If you need an expedited session email



I am a mindset coach. I teach people to, at a core level, unconditionally love themselves, believe in their ability and value, and let go of anything that doesn’t serve them. I do not practice psychiatry, psychology, counseling, or engage in any other form of regulated profession. I do not profess to be a medical provider in any way. I do not diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease, disorder or malady, whether physical, mental or emotional.I do not make any guarantees about whether the techniques I use will have a positive impact on my clients’ lives or outlooks. At all times, I suggest my clients coordinate with their regular health care provider for any physical, mental or emotional issues. I never instruct or suggest to a client that they discontinue or change the use of prescriptions or directions from their medical providers. Clients must take full responsibility for their self-care, whether emotional, mental, physical and/or spiritual.